Our Mission

sign_thumbnail.pngThe Los Angeles Street Vendor Campaign (LASVC) is the initiative to legalize street vending on Los Angeles' city sidewalks.  LA is the only city of out of the nation's 10 largest, that does not have a legal permit system for street vending. With 50,000 street vendors investing in our city, we recognize that the absence of a permit system is a missed opportunity to create thousands of jobs, create safer streets, and increase access to healthy foods in underserved communities. In response to the constant criminalization and harassment by law enforcement and power brokers in the city, thousands of #LAStreetVendors, residents, community organizations and brick-and-mortar business owners have joined forces to push back.  We are fighting for a policy in LA City Council that legalizes sidewalk vending and establishes conditions that protect the rights and dignity of our city's low income entrepreneurs.  



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