LA Times Editorial shows city council can't lead

Although this Los Angeles Times editorial completely fails to humanize WHO street vendors are, and the value that they bring to LA's culture and streetscape, it hits one very important point: That LA City Council has a real problem with leadership. We are now entering the third year of a debate about whether or not to legalize and permit street vendors, a measure that, at its core, is about empowering hard working people to do for themselves.#‎LAStreetVendors aren't asking for handout, they are asking for the right to work with respect and dignity. Despite endless amounts of research produced by advocates and the Chief Legislative Analyst, city councilmembers are afraid to have a thoughtful and serious debate about the virtues of this trade, and the amazing people who do it. So instead, they ask for more "research" to flank any opportunity to have to make a decision. What's worse, is the fears of a few extremely powerful individuals, are robbing tens of thousands of a real shot at doing for themselves what others won't.


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  • Mike Dennis
    published this page 2016-02-02 19:28:27 -0800